Tuesday, 21 March 2017

St. Patrick's Day

We had our ceolchoirm last week. All classes performed songs and poems as Gaeilge. We really enjoyed all the songs, especially when the whole school sang Sioraí Spraoi. It was lots of fun. We are practicing for our ceilí and are looking forward to the ceilí on Friday the 24th of March. 

Step up Challenge!!

We have been trying to get as many steps as we can over the last few weeks with our step up challenge. It is lots of fun and gets us moving. We have jogged around the yard, exercised in the hall and the classroom,  Zumba and dancing. Its lots of fun counting our steps. We love seeing how many we get. Last week we got 18,000 steps

Grandparents day and St. Bridget's day

On St. Bridget's day we went on a walk to St.  Bridget's well. On Grandparents day. Some of our grannies and granddad's came to our classroom. We made cards and recited a poem to say thank you for all the wonderful things they do. We really enjoyed having them in our class  that day. 

Science Fair

We had our science fair in February. We had such a fun day. We displayed our experiments on floating and sinking and also learned so much from other classes and their wonderful experiments

Pancake Tuesday

We had pancakes with honey and lemon. They were delicious!!

Magic of Music

Over the past few weeks we have had Catherine for music. We are having so much fun learning about music. 


Here are some of the things we have been doing in art over the last number of weeks. We have been very busy! We have learned about artists, we have been exploring line, tone and pattern.